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mumble mumble
cute yui
Long time since I posted last time. Lol :D 

Because ! 

Fuck, that's stupid. I got holiday job only because I wanted to buy electric guitar. Ayup. Waking up @4AM in July DOES suck. A lot.
So you know, I had my month of excitement, then school started :D Obviously now I have more time to spend, even if I have lessons :D Anyway, I caught a cold or something. About two weeks ago.

Fuck again, I forgot the most important ! :D 

Finally we had Japanese lesson ! Well, I guess I may call it a lesson but hey, it was awesome and that's what counts ! Moe-san is just so friendly~ And her daughter Naomi-chan is the cutest child I've EVER seen. I believe she's the reason a word "kawaii" exists. That's so true. I need to tell her that ! :  D

So, back to my cold. I got it with perfect timing. We had a class trip and I thought that well, I don't really like this class, so I'll save PLN300 for later. Convention etc. Then BOOM and I'm down, sick right 2 days before the trip was supposed to start. And well, they came back after 3 days. On Friday I thought that MAYBE I'd go to school if.. .well, I couldn't find any "if"s so I stayed at home. Then I got such a toothache I really wanted to get my face paralyzed or something, just not to feel the freakin pain. Imagine trying to get asleep for about 8 hours, which was impossible - the pain was overwhelming.
I visited dentist and she said that if I've waited longer I'd lose some healthy teeth :<

Now I'm wondering. I've been practicing playing on guitar for 3 or 4 months. I know many chords. I know how to play some easy songs. And that's where I begin to wonder, when will I be able to say that I actually can play guitar ? 
Electric one is the easiest to play btw. Classical is second. Acoustic is so much harder for me, strings are hard and they tear skin on my fingers. But well, someday I'll learn how to play :D

I .Should. Draw. More.
Because I feel like some lazy fatass who does nothing. Srsly.

PS: I want to get married. Now ? ;_;


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