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here goes title : o
Yush, sometimes I am acting weird. But now I know that I f&$king need to decide how to behave.

And in the last few days I had really hard time.
Almost losing someone who, even if met only few times is important to me and my friends, is such a painful experience, especially when I'm getting news while sitting in train compartment. If I knew where I was at that time I swear I'd jump off that thain and ran back only so I could talk to him or even see him.

Thank God, one of friends called people who did the right thing and it's okay for now.

Well, there was tome when I had nerves to do anything even with smile on face. I wouldn't care back then, I think.
I'm really sensitive for about a year now. I don't know why, maybe I finally found out that I was losing something by not caring anymore.
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